Here’s an interesting shift for me. A post about something I LIKE. Hair. More specifically, short hair.

I cut my hair off in February of 2009. A pixie cut. Super short. I’d been wanting to do it for years, but my mom always told me I’d look like a guy, and in my opinion I have slightly androgynous features anyway, and I really didn’t want to look like a guy. It was enough to scare me into not cutting it off. But in February of 2009, I’d had enough. I just did it. Gave it the big chop.

It made me so happy. I LOVED having short hair. I’ve kept it relatively short since then, with varying lengths and hairstyles. But last September, 2011, I got married. A few months before that, I decided it would be fun for my hair to be long enough for me to have it up at the wedding. So I started growing it out. Not much, but enough to clip it back. And it was up at the wedding, and it was pretty, and so on.

Since then, I’ve had this notion in my head that I actually want to grow my hair out. Like, long. I miss putting it up, I miss hair clips, etc. But at the same time… I haven’t brushed my hair since January of 2009, and I don’t miss that. Not owning a hairbrush is AMAZING. So I’ve been going back and forth. Do I want it long, do I want it short? And I had this in-between cut for months that quite honestly made me look like either Justin Bieber or Ringo Starr. Not flattering for a woman.

So the point of this entire post is simply this…. I made my decision about a week ago. Forget growing my hair out. Hair sucks. It’s overrated, it’s a fuss, and when it’s long you have to use way more shampoo. What a waste of money. This morning, I got it chopped off. Hooray!! I feel like myself again. Like I was lost under all that hair and I didn’t quite look like myself. See that picture of Emma Watson up there? That’s the haircut I got. It’s basically the cut that I had when my husband and I met, and he specifically asked me to get that one again. So we’re both happy. Which makes me extra happy. Yay, hair! 🙂


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