An Attempt To Write When I Really Don’t Want To

I’ve had this blog for almost a month. It was inevitable that I’d eventually start to wonder what the point of writing it is, I just assumed that wouldn’t happen until later. As in, at least two months after starting. What is the point of a blog? Really?

I know every person has to do it for their own reasons. I still don’t know what my reason is. I keep trying to find some new reason to give me some focus. Because a blog without focus is just me rambling in public. And it isn’t working, anyway. I still just greatly prefer fiction. Although I’m not having a lot more luck right now with fiction than with the blog. I’d love to combine the two, to use my blog to share some of my fiction, but that idea terrifies me. Throwing my little word-heart out onto the interwebs to get squished and laughed at. And anyway, how many people would actually be interested in reading it?

Is this normal in blog-land? Getting burned out and wondering why I’m even trying it? Did this happen to anyone else in the first month? It was bad enough getting burned out with NaNoWriMo, but this is just sad.


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