The Season of Spamming My Inbox

IMG_0073Ever since Thanksgiving I’ve been getting countless emails from companies I’ve ordered from in the past. They want to tell me about all their exciting sales! Save 40% online on your order of $150 or more. Buy one ridiculously over-priced shirt, get the second half off, which is still more than the shirt is actually worth. Need some strings? We’ve got strings on sale!

But… since my husband works in a violin shop, I can still get cheaper strings, thanks. And I’ll just wait until your shirts go on clearance for $4. And I don’t need any tablets, smart phones, iPods, iPads, iMacs, iMonkeys, iRangeRovers, iAnything… so just stop emailing me altogether, Apple.

Tis the season of giving… companies our money! I love Christmas. I love the lights, the snow (although my state is not being very obliging in that regard right now), the music, the holiday concerts that pile up and give me extra Christmas money, the Christmas tree and stockings in my house… love them.

But I’m not such a big fan of people trying to sell me crap. I’m not a big fan of crowds in stores when I go to buy eggs. And I’m definitely not a fan of this feeling of obligation that Christmas in the US tends to create. Like if you don’t buy a present for everyone you know, you’re a bad person.

It’s dumb. That’s not what Christmas is about, at least not to me. I like seeing my family and having time off and celebrating with my husband, and all of the above stuff I mentioned before like the music and lights. I want to celebrate Christmas how I want to celebrate it. So having ads shoved down my throat every time I open my email makes me a wee bit cranky.

Since my husband just made me watch The Avengers, I have to say it. Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…..

On the plus side…. I get lights! And Christmas trees! And the good things. And that can help me ignore the bad. Look at me, being positive! Or, at least, trying to 🙂


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