On Stories

I’m adding a new category to my blog, called “Stories.” These are posts I’m going to write with the focus of making them sound like fiction. They will be true stories, just more in the form of fiction than many of my other posts. I view it as a cross-over from fiction to not-fiction. It might be weird and awkward at first, since I’ve never done it. I’ve never told true stories in story form. I’ve only written my thoughts while frankly stating that they were my thoughts.

Maybe to readers it will all look the same, but to me it seems very different. It’s a different style of writing for me. For one thing, I always use characters in my fiction. These stories will feature me and the people I know, and again, will be true. I’ve never written about myself in story form. I also rarely write in first person in my fiction, and these stories will all be in first person.

Eventually I want to add a new category for my actual fiction. I’m still a bit scared of that. This “Stories” category is like an exercise, I suppose. A way to feel like I’m writing fiction without actually posting my real fiction. And it’s good for me to write about true things, because my fiction is almost all fantasy. It’ll just be another way to get me writing something different, which is the entire point of this blog, right?

So if you read anything in the “Stories” category, please keep in mind that they’re real stories, that they are about my real life, and that they’re a new style for me. So if they suck…. that’s my excuse.


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