Christmas, and a Break From Work

So… it has been a few days. I guess I should post a post, right?

Christmas was fun. Nothing too exciting happened. My husband made a nice dinner. A turkey breast, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and grilled carrots and onions. I made a cake on Christmas eve and ate all of it before Christmas dinner……

We saw my husband’s parents and sister, and my sister had dinner with us. We didn’t see anyone else. My dad and oldest brother are in the big city to our south. We wanted to visit, but our car sounds like Chewbacca whenever we press the clutch, so we didn’t think it was a good idea to take a 140-mile round trip. My other brother spends every Christmas in the Bahamas, and my mom is in Seattle visiting her sister. Raine is on the other side of the country in her home town, so… quiet Christmas.

But fun. It snowed. Finally. We watched Master Chef all night. We didn’t open presents, because my husband and I got antsy and did that last Thursday. Our attitude is this: We’re adults, we’re on our own, we don’t have kids yet, and we can do whatever the heck we want. We listened to music from The Nutcracker while we cooked. Nothing like some Tchaikovsky on Christmas.

In other news, in the last two weeks my husband and I have somehow gotten into the habit of staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning, and then waking up around 11 in the morning. Probably because my husband works at noon, and on most days I start work at about 3:30. Also… we haven’t been working for a week.

I love not working. I know that sounds lazy. It probably is. But I like having a lot of free time to do whatever the hell I want to do. Normally I’d use that free time to write. But right now I just need a break, so I haven’t written at all since I got off work. Last night I read through my NaNoWriMo thinger that I never finished. Edited it enough to feel like I was actually doing something. I’ve been off work for 5 days now, and between the not writing and the sleeping half the day away, I’m starting to feel like a lazy bum.

I have 6 more days of break. One of those days will be spent riding to the big city in my sister’s non-Chewy car to see my dad and brother. During the other 5, I’m hoping to write more, clean my dirty disgusting apartment, get rid of some stuff, go for some walks, and get myself back on a normal sleep schedule. Two weeks ago, I felt lazy if I slept until 8. So getting up at 11:30 this morning really made me feel bad about myself.

My plan, then, is this…. Write, clean, get rid of stuff, don’t be fat, don’t be lazy. Sounds like a good second-half-of-break plan.


4 responses to “Christmas, and a Break From Work

  1. I say, do whatever the fuck you want! Sounds like a great Christmas. We should have a New Year dinner that encompasses Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s!

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