Again, nothing to say about writing. What’s there to say? I’m editing the behemoth, then writing more. Fascinating, huh?

This post is about stuff. George Carlin, still my hero even though he’s been dead about 5 years now, said a house is just a place to keep your stuff. That you have levels of stuff, and stuff to hold your stuff, and you add on rooms and move to bigger houses so you can have more stuff. The dude wasn’t wrong.

My husband and I have so much stuff. We both had a lot of stuff when we moved in together. We should have sorted through it and gotten rid of 3/4 of it, but we didn’t. After living together for two short years, we’ve accumulated a buttload of other stuff. Kitchen stuff, cleaning stuff, clothes, pet stuff since we now have a dog, violin-making stuff since my husband started doing that, beer-making stuff, movies we got from my mom and sister when they downsized, papers, notebooks, music, books, a printer that we never use, a Playstation.

Stuff. I feel like I’m drowning in it. Like my apartment in shrinking. Every month, it starts to feel smaller. We don’t even buy that much stuff now that we have the stuff we want. It’s just that our apartment is too small to have a place for everything, so it all ends up out in the living areas. Or crowding the bedroom. Or in piles in the loft.

Getting rid of the stuff you never use is the worst. We have bags full of old school binders, old paperwork, trinkets from when we were kids. You’d think that would be the first stuff to go, but for some reason it’s really hard to ditch that crap. Sorting it is a nightmare, there’s too much sentiment attached, and we always end up saying “Well, it’s not in the way as long as we keep it in this box under the bed, so… whatever.”

But it is in the way. Because if that crap wasn’t there, we could store the crap we actually want under the bed instead.

We spent all morning getting rid of stuff. I made a trip to Goodwill and a trip to the library. We got rid of a small amount. Not great. But we made the decision to get rid of both of our beds, and that will help a lot. Our twin bed is currently sitting in the loft wasting space because no one ever sleeps on it. Might as well ditch it. And since our dog hurt her neck and can’t jump up onto our bed, having a fancy padded bed frame is just a waste of space, too. We put the mattress on the floor and put the bed frame on Craigslist. We’ll see what happens.

Unfortunately, taking apart the bed created another problem. Those under-bed storage containers. I emptied one, moved one to work, and put one in the loft. The last one is sitting like a beached whale in the middle of our bedroom floor. Don’t know what to do with that yet. Maybe when we ditch the twin bed, that crap can go live in the loft, too. Or maybe we will actually, finally go through it and get rid of it.

If I’m lucky, we’ll get around to that by summer. Knowing us…. it will be summer of 2018.


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