Every time I get up early, I want to write a post. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s quiet.

I have nothing to write about, so I want to say something about the pictures I have on my blog. Half are my own pictures, and half are from the internet. I don’t like using pictures from the internet. I’d prefer to use all my own pictures. That’s why I’ve been recycling so many pictures lately.

MY computer broke about six months ago and I still can’t afford to get it fixed, so I’ve been using my husband’s old spare computer. It doesn’t work very well, so I have a limited number of my own photos on this computer. I have to keep using those same ones over and over. I decided a couple months ago not to use internet pictures anymore unless it’s something very specific (like the raven pictures or the Surf Ninjas picture), so most of the pictures I’ve had up lately are mine. I’m pretty sure I’ve used some of them three times now.

I need more pictures. Sorry they’re getting repetitive. I need more pictures. On this post I’ve put my picture of the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Again…


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