My computer died. No writing, no posting stuff, no internet sudoku 😥

I’m writing this from my husband’s tablet, but touch screens are the devil and the keyboard is tiny. Not good for me. Every time I touch the screen and it doesn’t do what I want it to, I get angry. So this will probably be my only tablet post. Hopefully I can get my computer fixed soon. MY computer, not the piece of garbage I’ve been using for the last six months. That thing is dead as a doornail.


One response to “Computer

  1. Sorry about your computer 😦 I feel your pain. My laptop has recently taken to turning off for no apparent reason. It hasn’t gone completely kaput yet, but it’s working its way up to that. While you’re stuck using a tablet, enjoy it! Read an ebook … watch youtube … lol, I’m not sure what else tablets are good for. That’s basically all I do with mine.

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