Frost Blanketed the Trees

Juneau in winter

If you’re naturally a descriptive writer you probably won’t have this problem. But if, like me, being descriptive is hard for you….

Do you ever sit down and try to write something descriptive and it comes out like “Frost blanketed the trees, making them glimmer in the winter sun,” and you just want to slap yourself upside the head because it’s so lame?

That’s my entire day today. Trying to rewrite the opening of my story to include my secondary storyline. My brain is full of really stupid-sounding sentences that won’t go away.

For all of you descriptive writers out there, I envy you. I know I’m supposed to embrace my simple, straight-forward writing style because it’s what makes my writing my writing, but I’d take descriptive over straight-forward all day long right now.

My brain is full and buzzing, but nothing useful is coming out of it. I wrote down ideas for the opening, then wrote an opening based on one of those ideas. I can’t tell if I like it, but I can tell that the writing style in that opening is pretty different from the writing style in the other 612 pages of my story. So what do I do now? Change the writing style in the opening or in the whole damn thing?

I’m confused. And annoyed. My brain hates me.


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