Computer 4


Well… this wasn’t my plan at any point since my computer broke, but I bought a new computer today. A “new” computer. Used, but new to me.

Did you know you can walk into a computer store, apply for financing, and walk out with a computer without having to give them a dime? I didn’t. If I’d known 8 months ago I think I would have been a happier lady.

I found out today that if I took my laptop to the big city to the south it would cost over $300 to fix. Over $500 to fix in my city. And if I did that, then what? I’d have a 6-year-old computer with a new LCD. What if something else broke? It’s not like the thing was in tip-top shape aside from the backlight burning out.

I decided it might be smarter to spend about double the repair to get a better computer. Something newer that hasn’t been opened and closed 500 times because it’s a desktop, and that has been looked over thoroughly by the dudes at the computer store to make sure there aren’t problems lurking. It is, I believe, a 24″ iMac. I have my apple thinger back, which makes me pretty happy. I can put new songs on my iPod for the first time in 8 months.

A 24″ screen has some problems I didn’t expect. Like that my desk isn’t very deep so I feel like the screen is right in my face. I had to dim the backlight a little just so it wasn’t blinding me. The ravens that I have as a desktop picture are practically life-sized on this thing. The icons in my dock are the size of quarters.

But I’m not complaining. Absolutely not. That is something I can get used to. I have a computer! It’s MINE. Not someone’s cast-off computer that’s going to break in 2 weeks. And even if it does, I have a warranty now. Pretty flipping fancy.

My keyboard has a number keypad. I suck at typing numbers without one, so I was pretty excited to see that. I have a mouse. I’ve never owned a mouse. I used one on my mom’s old desktop, but it wasn’t mine. This mouse is mine. Best of all, all the crap on the computer is mine, too. I FINALLY transferred all of the documents and music from my external hard drive to this thing. I didn’t get that far with the other computers before they broke.

I started to transfer my photos, but I have about 8,000, so I only did the pictures from my vacation to Alaska. So even though that has nothing to do with computers, that’s what you see up there. A picture from my Alaska trip that I haven’t seen since my old laptop broke about 8 months ago. Like my view of Juneau from a boat?

So anyway, I’m a happy lady right now. My neck doesn’t actually hurt less than it did pre-computer, and I’m still scared about money, buying a condo, going back to school, and getting a different job, but at least I can freaking write now. And send emails, listen to music, put stuff in my calendar, and view my photos. And all of it is possible while my husband is at work with his tablet. And I don’t have to use that dang touch screen anymore.


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