Vacation Over :(


Well, I leave Boise today. I’m sad that my vacation is over already. It was relaxing. Maybe a little too relaxing.

I didn’t get anything done for the first two days I was here. Did some sitting around, some going to the grocery store for cookie ingredients, some marathon National Geographic Channel watching. No writing.

I hauled my new, ginormous, shiny desktop computer all the way to Idaho and felt a little ridiculous that all I was using it for was web sudoku and Youtube. Oh, and to look up my cookie recipe. That’s important.

Finally, on the third day, my brain woke up and I was able to start writing again. Did I mention I’m totally rewriting my entire story? At the start of this vacation, I was on page 32 of 616 for my rewrite. Now I’m on page 43. That’s progress, right? That was worth hauling my monster screen across four states.

That’s what I think. If I write at all, it’s worth it. Especially considering that I didn’t even open my document for a week and a half before this trip because I was too busy packing, hauling, driving, and unpacking all my crap from my apartment to my condo. Hobbling around on my bruised toe, which STILL isn’t healed, wishing every day that I could just take a break to write, or at least listen to something on Youtube.

My point, I guess, is that for the last few weeks I’ve been too busy to write. Then when I wasn’t busy, my brain didn’t want to do anything. I tried to write and it said “Forget you, lady, let me rest!”

So now that I can write again, I guess that means I rested my brain enough to make it happy. It’s not excited about getting back to work tomorrow, but it knows that Sunday is close and that we have Sunday off and can spend the entire day writing. Patience, brain. Just wait a few days and then we can do whatever we want.


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