Hobbies… and Writing


I didn’t have any hobbies through college. I may have already said that… about 500 times while ranting.

Because of that, I always forget about how powerful hobbies can be. They take us out of the drudgery of work, paying bills, going to the grocery store… all the crap we have to do. A hobby gives us the chance to do something we want to do. And the best thing about a hobby is that if you don’t feel like it one day, you can just NOT DO IT. Wish the same could be said for work…

Writing is my main hobby, obviously. I can’t forget about how sad I felt recently when I was without a computer for nearly 2 months and could only scribble hand-written stories into a notebook while my hand cramped up.

I’m saying all this because of my last post, the one about my bad day. My husband was upset about work, grouchy, sad, tired all the time. He’s getting his private pilot’s license and hadn’t flown in almost a month. He flew yesterday morning and feels much better. Night and day. Why? Because he missed his hobby. He missed doing something fun, because he’d just spent the last month taking on more hours and way more responsibilities at work, for how much more pay? None.

Even though nothing with work has changed, he’s more optimistic about it. Willing to admit that sometimes crap like that happens in a family-run business and that it will be better eventually. Tomorrow we’re reorganizing and cleaning up his workshop. I think that will make him feel better, too… although it means I have to stand on my stupid, painful toe. I’ll do it gladly if it makes him feel better.

Another thing that helps with sadness is buying stuff. He ordered a bunch of violin varnish and it came today. So tomorrow he gets to stand outside with his air compressor and varnish the violin he made. He’s pretty excited about that.

But hobbies… more than buying stuff, hobbies are the way to go. The best thing in the world is buying stuff FOR your hobbies. I like to paint, so buying new paint or paintbrushes or an easel is a lot of fun for me. Especially since writing is mostly a free hobby… I had to buy this computer, but I use it for a lot of things. Writing itself doesn’t cost a dime.

Which is good for me, because if it did, I couldn’t afford it.

Speaking of writing, I’m about 45 pages into my rewrite. 45 of 618. I didn’t notice when it went from 616 pages to 618, but it did. It’s LONGER now that it was at the start of all of this. I feel like I’ve cut a lot out, but I guess I’ve added even more. I expected the thing to get longer while I edited, but I didn’t think it would happen so early on. Good thing I never gave myself a stupid arbitrary page limit.

I remember when I had a goal finish date. Foolish woman. That date passed nearly 6 months ago. Not only have I not finished the thing since, I haven’t added anything to the end. I’ve edited it twice, and am now completely rewriting it. Once I’m done with that and have rewritten through page 618 or page 730 or to page whatever it will be at that point, I’ll probably go back and edit the whole dang thing again before I continue on. I’m still a good 100 pages from finishing, even if I try right now.

Which means I probably have at least another year before I finish it. At least. I have no doubt that I will finish it. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that. It’s just that right now I don’t know what happens at the beginning, so how can I know what should happen at the end? I have plans and ideas and maps and notes, but if it doesn’t play out the way I expect it to, the ending will have to be different.

So far my rewriting feels successful. I’ve introduced major characters before part 3, which is progress. I’ve done a fairly decent job incorporating the secondary storyline… maybe to the point where it seems like the main storyline. Maybe a little bit of overkill there. But it’s as important as the other storyline, so I think I’ll stop calling it secondary. It really isn’t. There’s the Forest storyline (storyline number 1!) and the City storyline (no longer secondary storyline.) Those are their new names. No more secondary.

I will give myself one goal. More just to keep myself motivated. To rewrite at least a few pages a week. Even if it’s only 5. Because if I’m not doing at least 5 pages a week, it means I’m stagnating. When I was in college I stagnated major big-time. Stopped writing completely. Even if I go back to school in the fall, I DO NOT want to let that happen again. I don’t want to give up on it like I did before. I got too busy and lost interest.

I’ve just gotten back into it. It has only been a year and a half since I picked it back up. I forgot how much I loved writing. My life was all about violin, which isn’t healthy (especially for my neck.) So I need to remember that just because I’m focused on one thing, it doesn’t mean that’s all there is. I can play violin, go to school for wildlife biology, AND write.

When I put it that way, it sounds pretty sad. Look, I can do three whole different things!! Hooray for me…

In other news, I saw a chiropractor today. I had 2 vertebrae in my neck, my shoulder blades, my lower back, a rib, and both hips out of alignment. Post-visit I felt like I could sit up straight for the first time in my life.

This is one of those rambling posts that I don’t know how to end…


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