raven totem

It has been a while since I posted anything. Over a week, I believe. I haven’t really had anything to say, but I guess I should put up something.

Last Friday, I got a tattoo. It’s of a raven. Surprise, surprise. It’s not a black raven, though. More this style, but with some red and green thrown in so it looks like a totem pole. My brother told me tattoos were addicting. I am already planning my next ones…

I am considering giving up violin. Maybe not completely, but making it a much smaller part of my life. Last year I played in two orchestras and accepted gigs from four other orchestras and basically took every concert I was offered by anyone. That’s the only way to make money playing. I’m hoping that I get into school and get going in a new direction so I won’t feel like I have to accept everything.

I know I sound like a broken record talking about violin. It’s a love/hate thing, I guess. But this is the first time I’m really, honestly considering just not doing it anymore.

The school thing is going better. I finally figured out what was wrong with my application and got all of my stuff in before the deadline. Now I’m just waiting to hear if I’ve been accepted. If I’m not accepted I will need a plan B… I have no clue what that will be. I’ve kind of put all my eggs in this wildlife biology degree basket.

Not much else to report. Saw the chiropractor. Edited a little bit. Had a lazy weekend. My life is pretty boring.


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