Of course, one day after I put up a pointless post, I actually have something to say.

I was accepted to school! I will officially be an obnoxious college student again in the fall.

My husband and Raine say I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m going to the same school where I got my master’s degree. They know I can finish a program, I got good grades, etc.

However… Music. Science. Music. Science. Not a lot of crossover there. I was worried they’d be wary of the drastic change in subject. Guess not.

So now I get to do all the college things again. Try to figure out what department to call about what, relearn where everything is on campus, apply for financial aid, make ridiculously long checklists of everything I need to do before they’ll even let me think about registering for classes, try to figure out all my fees and costs, hope I can get some loans, hope I can keep teaching while I’m in school, hope I can pass my classes, and mostly hope I don’t go totally insane and have a breakdown and hide in my bedroom for a year playing internet sudoku and gaining weight until I’m the size of a dolphin.

I would do that. I don’t want to.

I think if I’d ever taken a science class in my life I’d feel a little better. But my hardest classes were orchestration, 20th century music theory, and form and analysis. Compared to calculus, chemistry, physics, and whatever else I’ll have to take, those were probably nothing. I’m a little scared of just not knowing anything and having to spend all my free time getting help on my homework.

But I guess that’s the point, right? Learn something new so that I can go in a new direction? It will be good for me. I just need to be brave, stop worrying, and not freak myself out unnecessarily like I do with everything else.


One response to “College!

  1. I just completed a Masters in my late 30s. it was tough but kick started an area of my brain that seemed to be little used! Good luck.

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