A Brief Rant About Open Office


I’ve been rewriting my story. I got to about page 65 in the rewrite, then let Raine read it. She had some suggestions for changes, so I worked on those. Totally rewrote like 3 different scenes. And Open Office decided to NOT SAVE IT.

You know how sometimes when you’re writing, trying to fix something, you feel like you’re getting it? Like it’s exactly what you think the other person wanted, you like it, it’s coming naturally, it feels like it could be the right wording and character for that section and everything is great?

I had that… but Open Office didn’t want me to have it! I clicked “save.” I swear, I did. I don’t see why I wouldn’t have. When I closed the document I didn’t get a little message saying, “Hey, idiot, don’t you want to save?” with an option to click “save” or “don’t save,” which is what’s SUPPOSED to happen if you don’t save! Which tells me I did save and Open Office just wanted to be a butthead.

Thanks, Open Office. I have that feeling of doom like I’ll never be able to get back what I wrote. Like even though the rewrite will take 10 minutes and I’ll probably remember MOST of what I changed, the words won’t be exactly like they were so it just won’t feel the same. I’ll always think it could have been better if Open Office hadn’t just randomly decided to not save what I was pretty dang sure was saved.

If I didn’t know that Microsoft Word freezes faster than a puddle in Antarctica, I’d use that instead. I’d let my annoyance at Open Office turn into one of those grudges where I avoid whatever I’m mad at forever until, years later, I decide it wasn’t that bad and I can use that thing again because it’s far more convenient to use it than not.

Lucky for you, Open Office, that my grudge against Word is stronger than my annoyance at you. Just stop erasing my stuff or I’ll scream at you through my computer screen until I start crying. Won’t you feel really bad then? Of course, you will. You’re a computer program. You have a heart.


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