Rewrite pg. 90-something


I’m on page 90ish of my rewrite. I believe it’s page 93 but I’m too lazy to check.

Rewriting is still going well. I realized at one point that I had a 45-page stretch where there was no mention of the secondary storyline, so I had to go back and add stuff throughout. That was an easy enough fix, though.

I feel like the story is going more in the direction I want it to, but I still have that unpleasant experience every now and then of reading through something I wrote a couple weeks ago and thinking it sucks. I have to remind myself that after I rewrite everything, I will then have to edit it. Multiple times.

Rather than going back and editing it now, which I want to do, I’m trying to just keep plugging away at the rewrite. I’m about 60% done rewriting part 1, so once I’ve finished I can go back and edit it, then rewrite part 2, edit it, rewrite part 3…. etc. Then… I have to finish the story.

Sounds easy. Add a full load of college classes, 25 violin students, and 2 orchestras, and this story should be done in about 10 years.


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