I started school recently. Today was the first day of my 3rd week.

I might say I’m having trouble adjusting to being back in school. I’m 28, in a freshman biology course with people who look 14, but who I’m generously assuming are closer to 18. Halfway through class today, when the lecture started getting confusing, several people around me just started texting.

I sat outside the adult learners office on Friday and watched people go by for about an hour. Out of about 100 girls who walked past me, I think 90 of them were wearing short shorts. All different kinds, shapes, styles, colors, but all showing off thighs and even some butt cheeks. I didn’t need to see that.

There are also these girls who wear mini skirts while riding their bikes, so I get to see some undies about five times per day, too. If I was a college-aged guy I guess I’d be in heaven.

I see these guys handing cards for tattoo parlors to the college students as they walk by. Some of the students take them, but a large portion look at the card, draw back with a sour look on their face, and mutter something about not being interested. I got a tattoo about four months ago, and I guess I never realized it was such a big freaking deal. Some of these college students act like suggesting they’d get a tattoo is the same as suggesting they’d shoot someone. Not quite, kiddos.

I’m sorry if the tone of this post is rude and condescending. Like I said, I’m having trouble adjusting. Walking around on a campus with 24,000 other students is naturally going to drive a quiet, private, low-tolerance-to-noise-stupidity-and-general-bs type of person like me completely insane. I cope by putting on my headphones any time I start getting annoyed at the people around me. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen in class.

Strangely, class is the one comforting aspect of school. I used to hate class, back when I got my first bachelor’s and my master’s degrees. I dreaded learning, thought it was pointless, and zoned out a lot of the time. I can see some hope for myself when I realize how much I’ve changed since then. Now I really want to learn. I want to understand what the teachers are saying, I want to do well, and I want to get as much out of classes as I possibly can.

So maybe I am more mature than I was last time around, despite how often I find myself rolling my eyes at the other people on campus. I’m trying to be fair and tell myself that to them, I’m probably the weird one.



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