So, Colorado’s front range is in the midst of a massive flood because of extremely heavy rain that hasn’t stopped for 3 days.

In one city west of Denver, the river overflowed its banks all over town and sent several feet of water into houses and stores. I’m not sure if people were evacuated from there or not.

In a city just north of that, a dam broke, flooding the city and causing major evacuations.

In the mountains not too far from those two cities, a small, remote town called Lyons was completely underwater. I heard they were evacuating the entire town in hummers and helicopters. The main street was just a river of water, along with a lot of the lower neighborhoods in town. Both highways leading into the town were wiped out in places because of the flooding.

In parts of metro Denver there are feet of standing water in parks, streets, and neighborhoods. I saw pictures of a park I used to go to with a teenage guy standing in the water. It went almost up to his chest.

Our city, which is north of the worst flooding, is not too bad. A river runs through our city, so the people around the river were encouraged, but not required, to evacuate. Every major north/south AND east/west road in town crosses the river, and every single river crossing is closed except one. The highway and freeway that lead out of town to the south are closed, and all roads that lead out west (ie into the mountains) are closed for ridiculously long stretches because a lot of those roads go along a river. One of those roads was also partially destroyed.

In other words, we’re stuck in our town. Even if we take that one road that’s open, once we’re out of town there’s nowhere to go because the other roads are closed. The freeway to Denver has stretches that are covered in standing water, so it may not be opened for a while.

For the last two summers we’ve had giant wildfires, so a lot of the burn areas are subject to flooding since the landscape is still so unstable. Our state is kind of turning into a disaster area. For anyone south of us, those people who are in the worst flooding, stay safe.


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