Rewrite, pg…. wait, nevermind, I haven’t written anything new


Since starting school I haven’t been making a whole lot of progress on my rewrite. The plan was to write on the weekends, as well as an hour or two on Mondays and Thursdays.

So far it seems like my Mondays and Thursdays turn into me vegetating and being unable to write anything new because my brain is so tired. I can read through what I have, plan what comes next, think through part 4, but I can’t actually write words. I try and it turns into something that reminds me of the stuff I wrote when I was 12.

My weekends were unusually busy for a while. I’ve been doing hikes with a volunteer wildlife project every Sunday, and those have been taking up the entire day because they’re in the mountains. And almost 10 miles each. This last weekend, partly because of the flooding, I actually had Saturday and Sunday OFF. Completely off.

So what did I do with my time off? Get a head start on my homework? Write like a crazy lady while I had some free time? Clean the house from top to bottom because it has been needing it for about two months? Go to the gym or the climbing wall or for a walk? Or did I sit on my butt and marathon The Amazing Race all day? You can go ahead and take a guess.

Today I was better. A little better. I slept in until 8:30, but then got right to business and did my project for my wildlife ecology class. When I finished that, my husband and I went out for lunch, then bought a new TV stand because we decided to rearrange the living room in a way that will make our old, enormous TV stand no longer fit. Sounds silly, but it will open up a lot of space in our house.

We found what we wanted (including some new Halloween slipper socks) and went home. Then, continuing my responsible streak, I updated my resume (with Raine‘s help) and applied for a job with the Forest Service. That merits a whole other post that I’ll probably write later.

Then I watched some more Amazing Race, BUT this time I cleaned, too. My husband put together our TV stand, and in an hour or so we’re going to finish rearranging the living room. We had to take a break for him to watch Breaking Bad….

Despite being pretty good today, I didn’t do my biology reading, didn’t do my writing homework that’s due on Tuesday, didn’t write, didn’t exercise, tried to avoid thinking about what will happen with my violin career if I get the Forest Service job, didn’t study any math, and didn’t practice the music for the orchestra concert I have on Wednesday (the one where I’m playing principal second violin and haven’t even looked at all of the music.)

I’m going to pretend that those things don’t matter as much as they actually do, because this was my second day off in weeks. Yesterday was the first. And considering that I’ve been pretty busy and more responsible than usual since school started, I think I can give myself a wee bit of a break. As long as I get right back to business tomorrow.


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