It has been a very long week. I’m super tired. I’m braindead. I can’t stop drinking wine.

I should probably go to sleep now so I can feel refreshed and rested for my 8am biology class tomorrow. After that I can be perky and jolly when I do archery at 10. Then I’ll be all ready for volunteering for a few hours in the afternoon. Then after that I’ll be happy to study for my upcoming biology exam, start my biology lab report, and finish up all my writing homework early.

Instead of that, I’m going to write now. I haven’t touched my story in days, and I miss it. This is the productive version of laziness.


One response to “Write

  1. As snarky as I was trying to be when I wrote this post, I actually did enjoy shooting and volunteering today, and I’m pretty excited to start studying this evening. For real. Biology is cool!

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