Break! And Holidays


I am DONE! Woohoo!

Done with school. Managed to scrape all Bs and B+s. No Cs here!

Done with teaching. I have an entire week plus 2 days off. Don’t have to see anyone or even think about violin.

My husband and I are going on a road trip for the holidays. We leave for Dallas tomorrow morning to visit my sister. On Christmas day, we’re going to Albuquerque, NM (one of my absolute favorite states) to spend Christmas night in a really cute hotel in downtown Albuquerque. Then the next day we head for Las Vegas for some kind of family party for my husband’s relatives.

I love winter, cold weather, and snow, so it’s a little funny to me that we’re visiting warm places over the holidays. However, I think 40 degrees in the desert might be pretty awesome, and 55 in Las Vegas feels colder than 55 here. Apparently it’s in the 30s in Dallas right now. So maybe I won’t have any problems with the weather at all. I’ll get my chilly Christmas, even if I don’t get snow.

That said, it’s snowing here right now and it is very pretty. A pleasant end to a long semester of school and teaching.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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