Snow, Snow, Snow


It is snowy as all heck here in Colorado. It has been snowing solidly for a week, and will continue to snow solidly for another week.

If you aren’t from Colorado, you may not know that this is actually pretty unusual for us. We don’t get 2 weeks where it snows every day except one. We’re used to a blizzard for 2 days, where we get 18 inches of snow that promptly melts over the next 3 days because it’s 45 degrees outside.

This stuff isn’t melting. New snow just keeps piling on top of old snow. Walking to school is crazy. There are stretches of sidewalk where the snow plow junk from the road has been piled up on top of the regular sidewalk snow so that we have to walk on a snow mountain that sticks up about a foot above the level of the actual sidewalk. Half the time I stay on top of the snow, the other half of the time my feet fall through. It’s an adventure. I’m hoping to get through it without breaking my knee.

More snow plow junk has been pushed to the side of the road, so that parallel parking in a Hyundai Accent is impossible. If my car made it over the foot and a half high junk barrier, it sure as heck wouldn’t make it out.

Diagonal parking is an issue, too, since most of our city’s spots slant downward and are full of ice. That makes cars not want to back up, but just spin their tires and groan instead. I’ve had to be pushed out of parking spots twice in the last week, and have seen other people pushed out, and I (pathetically) almost got stuck in the middle of a street that hadn’t yet been plowed.

Our outside trash can has a super impressive icicle on it that goes from the lid to the ground and is about six inches wide. The super impressive icicle froze the lid shut, so we couldn’t get into our can for 2 days! I finally muscled it open this afternoon. It might have been caused by run off from the foot long, evil-looking icicles hanging down from our roof over the trash can. I’m glad I don’t have to walk under those. I’d worry about being impaled.

When I went to school today, I forgot my hat. My fault, I know. I deserved my frozen, painful earcicles.

Fun in the snow.

I love snow. And cold weather. I have always been a fan. But I think I’m a spoiled little Colorado fan, because I’m used to a nice break in my snow. Cold for 2 weeks straight, whatever. But the snow is starting to get to me! Cleaning off my car 3 times a day is not my idea of a good time.

My husband is going out of town this weekend for work. Normally that would be no big deal, but one of our cars is in the shop getting repaired from when our neighbor T-boned us by backing into us, so we currently only have one car. Which my husband is taking to go out of town. It’s a really good thing I LIKE walking. However, walking everywhere in this snow for 5 days might make me go officially insane. Officially.

Anyway, I have nothing to report other than it’s snowing a lot. And the ground is covered in snow. And there’s snow everywhere. Snow. Snow. Snow.


4 responses to “Snow, Snow, Snow

  1. My can was frozen shut too…and frozen into place. I had to kick it free…I wonder if my waste management company will like that…I think it should stop snowing. It snowed last night, then probably all froze at -3 degrees. Where is 45 degrees when you need it?

    • Yeah, really. Maybe that’s why I’ve always liked winter so much. I like being cold for a while, but 45 and 55 degrees are my favorite temperatures, so alternating between that and freezing is fun! But now there’s no alternating…. grrr.

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