Rewrite, pg. 304


I’m happy I’ve been writing at all. I’ve had a rough start to this semester. I’ve been a crazy person for the last three weeks, although this week was better than the last two.

I am trying a new approach with the rewrite. I kept getting stuck in part 2. Just couldn’t keep writing. I finally decided to forget about my plan for the part and just write and see what happened. There were some things that needed to change, so I think going at it with no plans will make those changes and make it feel fresher for me.

It’s supposed to be creepy and my readers said it wasn’t creepy enough. I couldn’t figure out how to make it creepier while sticking to my plan, so the plan needed to go bye-bye. Now I’m just writing what it feels like I should write and deleting what it feels like I should delete. You know, just writing.

I think sometimes plans are bad. They make me get stuck because what the story has become no longer fits in with the plan. It makes sense, I guess. I made that plan for this story over two years ago when I started it, but it has gone in a totally different direction. The basic story is still the same, but that doesn’t mean I have to rigidly stick to details that don’t work anymore just because I thought them up in the beginning.

I think you can tell when you’re reading something that doesn’t fit. Like maybe the author had a plan and followed that plan when maybe he shouldn’t have. Plans are great for starting out. They’re great for finishing, too, but I think they need to be more structural than anything. Like a skeleton without all the innards. The innards will come as you go along.

I’m bad at analogies and metaphors, so I won’t continue with the innards thing. My point is, having too rigid an idea of what was going to happen in part 2 killed it for me. Totally made me not even want to work on it.

I like the idea of completely changing the story during my rewrite. Maybe it’ll come out better than any plan I could have made for it. Sometimes when I sit down and just write without thinking, it goes places I couldn’t have come up with otherwise and it makes the story better.

I had the opportunity to stick to my plan a year ago when I considered cutting my secondary storyline. I didn’t do it then because I KNEW that the secondary storyline made the whole thing better, so why should I do it now?

If I stick to the plan, part 2 isn’t creepy enough, it’s too rambling, and it makes me not want to write it. I don’t have these problems with the other parts, so it must mean that part 2 as it is no longer fits into my idea for the whole story. It isn’t right. So screw the plan. Forget it. No plan for part 2. I’m just going to write and see where it goes.


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