Random Editing


I spent the last two days editing an old story of mine. It’s only 135 pages so it didn’t take too long.

It’s the first time I’ve worked on something other than my behemoth in months, maybe even a year. It was nice to take a break. I can get kind of bogged down during the rewriting process, so editing something else was a lot of fun. I spent six solid hours doing it last night, but it felt like an hour. That’s the kind of writing I miss, the kind I used to do all the time before beginning the rewrite.

The rewrite has progressed a little, too. I feel better about it. It’s just harder writing. I didn’t realize how much harder until my random editing fest of the last two days. Just editing and writing new material is easier. Way easier.

But while it’s good for my brain to take a break, easy isn’t necessarily better. I am going to get back to my rewrite soon. Hopefully on Wednesday. Got to keep chugging along so I can get to part 4 and finally write some new material and finish the thing.


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