A Bunch of Random Stuff


In the mornings I brush my teeth while checking my email and doing all my morning computer stuff. Sometimes I sit there and brush for so long that the stringy, slimy globs of toothpaste and spit get so foamy that I gag. Then I have to run to the bathroom sink and spit it all out. It’s a beautiful morning routine.

I went to a volunteer information session at the zoo a couple hours south of me yesterday. I’m so excited to volunteer! I think I’m going to get to do 2 shifts on Sundays, a morning shift in one area and an afternoon shift in a different area. It looks like I might be able to work with reptiles and also do education in the building that houses all the outreach animals. These include mammals, reptiles, and insects for sure. Maybe amphibians, too. I’m maybe more excited than I should be to work with giant millipedes and cockroaches.

I’m so excited about volunteering at the zoo that I think I’d let other things go if they interfered. Other things like volunteering at the bookstore or playing in the symphony. I guess it’s good to figure out what I really care about. Maybe I’ll like it so much that I’ll even be okay with a 5-hour round-trip drive every weekend.

I’m doing a research project for one of the local conservation groups here. I’ve been volunteering there for a few months and finally have a project to do on my own. I want to do well so they know they can ask me to do stuff like that. Bungling the first thing I’ve done on my own there would be pretty dumb.

I’m having a great time with all my new animal stuff. Such a great time that I don’t even mind how busy I’m getting. And I am not a person who has ever enjoyed being super busy. I think as long as I like what I’m doing, it’ll be okay. Especially when I remind myself that volunteering with a zoo and a conservation group is relevant for what I want to do. It will help me with my career. It will teach me things that I won’t learn in school.

I want to take up jogging. I’ve been trying to lose weight since November, and have successfully lost 8 pounds. Woohoo! But since I’ve lost that weight, I’ve realized how much more I could do. It isn’t just about losing weight. I want to be fit. I’ve been thin before, but I’ve never been in really good shape. It would be great to get in the best shape of my life now, when I’m nearing 30 🙂

So I’m going to try jogging. I’m going to get some good shoes for that today. Then I’m going to the archery range. I’m dragging my husband along because he wants to shoot. Not sure he’s as keen to look at shoes, but I don’t take that long. I’m not shoe crazy. One of these days I’m going to send him shoe shopping with a lady who REALLY likes shoes. Then he’ll understand that I’m not that bad.

My pugs are so cute. The one we rescued is getting more comfortable with us every day. She sleeps on the bed now. This makes our other pug jealous, though. Every time we pay too much attention to rescue pug, other pug comes over and stomps all over her until we pay attention to her, too. I don’t think rescue pug minds getting stomped on. She just seems happy that we’re all together.

I got a tattoo of a raven on my chest last May. I really want another tattoo now. I’m thinking a kingfisher. Or a bat. I need to come up with some ideas.




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