Word… Again?


Okay. I almost broke my computer on Monday night. On purpose.

I was writing my lab report for my biology class. Just going along, writing it, being a good little procrastinator, starting my lab report at 8:30 the night before it was due. Nothing wrong with that.

I had to use a function in Excel that apparently isn’t available in the Open Office Excel. So I had to download Microsoft Office. I can’t remember if I’ve ever written about my thoughts on Microsoft Office/Word, but I think maybe I have. Here they are:


Why? Because every time I use it, without fail, it does something stupid at some point and shuts off and I lose part of my document. I switched to Open Office a few years ago FOR A REASON.

But I needed Microsoft Excel to do this function that I NEEDED to do for my lab report. So my husband downloaded it for me.

Sounds fine, right? Well, then I went to open my lab report, and instead of typed words like I remembered being there 5 seconds earlier, before downloading Microsoft Office, there was just a mess of black scribbles!


So I checked some other documents. Same thing. Downloading Microsoft Office corrupted every one of my I don’t know how many files. Files from when I was twelve years old. Files for work. Files for school. MY BEHEMOTH.

I almost broke my computer. I was screaming, crying, throwing a nice little temper tantrum because I thought all of my writing work, years of work, was gone.

My husband says it is fixable. He read about it happening to some other guy after downloading Microsoft Office. So maybe it’s just a glitch. Maybe it can be fixed. If not, I have my behemoth and my more recent files on a zip drive, and all of the files from when I was younger on an external hard drive. At worst, I lost my most recent school documents.

Either way, I’m not plugging my zip drive or my hard drive or anything else with any of my documents into my computer until this problem is fixed. I have to keep Microsoft on here for now in case I need it for the final draft of my lab report in a few weeks, but after that it is going back where it came from.

Sorry, Microsoft Office, but I am not a fan of yours. Maybe if you didn’t screw up my computer and every single document I’ve been working on for the last 16 years, we’d get along better.

And by the way, when I was writing my lab report in Word, it froze and I lost the whole thing and had to start over. Surprised? I’m not.

It makes me wonder what would happen if I really lost my behemoth. Not sure I’d be okay for a while. I feel like it’s something I can never get back. This experience makes me want to print the whole damn thing out, all 690 pages, rewritten and not rewritten, in case something bad ever does happen. Then I can retype the entire thing when there’s less risk of losing it again.

That could be fun. Better yet, maybe I should just hand write the whole thing.



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