Big City Love


Lately I’ve been having big city love. I miss Denver. I miss Colorado Springs.

They aren’t Chicago. Or L.A. Denver is barely 2 million people, and Colorado Springs is only 600,000. Still, even the Springs is 4x the size of the city where I live.

I love the city I live in. It’s small and cute, in a nice area, the people are nice, the culture is nice. But for some reason lately I’ve been having gooey eyes at the bigger cities.

I’m starting to volunteer in Colorado Springs, so I’ve been down there a lot. My family lives in Denver, so I go there a lot. Every time I’ve gone in the last couple of months, I’ve wanted to move back. My husband and I went for a run on the Highline Canal trail there this morning. It was amazing. It is still my favorite trail, even after living in a different town for 6 years.

I don’t think I actually want to move back to Denver. I think there’s just such a nice feeling to big cities sometimes, like there are more possibilities. There’s a feeling like so much more exists and so much more can happen. It’s harder to be bored or get stuck in a rut.

Maybe I’m just romanticizing it because I haven’t lived in a big city for almost 6 years now. I don’t know. I felt so free moving up north at first, like I was leaving all the crap of the big city behind, running away, starting over. Now I don’t feel like that. Maybe I’m hiding. Maybe I’m missing out on some stuff that you can’t get in a town this size. Hard to say.

Anyway, I miss the city life more than I used to. I think maybe my life right now is perfect. I live, work, and go to school up here, have family to visit in Denver, and get to go to Colorado Springs every weekend for volunteering.

I get all 3 places without having to change my life too much. Give up one day of my weekend. Big deal. I don’t know where I’ll end up. Maybe I’ll move back to one of those cities, maybe I’ll stay here. I have 4 years minimum to think about it. Gotta finish school, after all.

Above is a picture from a hotel window in the city I live in. It’s way east of where I live in the town. I live closer to those foothills, but same town. Anyway, it’s through the screen of a window, so it’s a little fuzzy.


2 responses to “Big City Love

    • Sometimes my husband and I talk about moving to a mountain town or a smaller town in another state, but I don’t know if it will ever happen. It’s hard to pick up and move to an entirely new area. I’ve never actually done it!

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