I bought a Samsung Chromebook. I decided I need something to use to take notes in class. I’m tired of printing out my lecture notes every day. Wastes paper and ink.

I also think being able to write during vacation again would be swell. That’s something I’ve missed since buying a 30 pound desktop computer. Doesn’t fit in my backpack, or any other bag, very well. Kind of cumbersome to carry down the street.

A laptop was necessary, but I didn’t want to spend $300 on a piece of crapola laptop that was going to break after a year, so I spent $250 on a Chromebook, after being led to believe that they are a better value for the money.

Anyone have any thoughts on if that’s true?

Anyway, believe it or not, I’ve never used apps before. No smart phone, no tablet, no iPad, no iPod with any kind of screen since I’m still using the shuffle that I got in 2008. Sure, I’ve used my husband’s iPad to look stuff up when we were on vacation, but other than that I have been in the dark about what the heck apps even are.

So for this Chromebook I need an Open Office Reader app to read my Open Office files, otherwise I have to save everything onto my Google drive while using my computer, then open them from my Google drive while on my Chromebook and convert it to Google docs… or something like that that makes my brain hurt. So I just got the Open Office app. It doesn’t show page breaks so I may have to figure something else out for the 694 page behemoth… since editing that in that format might make me go insane.

I’m an absolute IDIOT when it comes to technology, so I’m really hoping this Chromebook isn’t beyond me. People are like, oh, it’s so easy, you’ll have no problem! But they don’t know that I have problems even converting a Word document to an Open Office document or the other way around. They don’t know that they’re talking to someone who has such an abhorrence for smart phones that I refuse to get one even though I’ve been out of my contract with my crappy phone for almost 3 years now.

Don’t tell me it’s easy. And don’t use technobabble to explain it to me, because I don’t know technobabble. I’ve never been very good with languages.

Part of the reason I got the thing is to FORCE myself to learn a new technology. I mean, who doesn’t know how to use apps? Besides me. Seriously.


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