I have been trying to change a lot of stuff in my life lately. I’ve gone back to school, quit orchestras, have been volunteering in a ton of places, and in the last couple weeks I’ve been trying to find a second job.

I’m. BUSY.

On Monday I interviewed to volunteer at the natural history museum south of me. I really want that position. Haven’t heard back yet. Today I had a meeting with a staffing agency to look for a second job, but that didn’t pan out because I guess they only have full-time jobs available.

I’ve been confused about what I should do with my life since I don’t always enjoy work anymore. I’ve toyed with the idea of quitting teaching to get a couple part-time jobs that I don’t care about. Then I’ve realized that teaching is swell because it keeps my schedule flexible. I like it. Then I hate it. Then I like it….

I’ve finally decided that I need to have a system for making decisions. I need to have a goal. I need to focus on what’s important.

What’s important? Finishing school. Getting a job when I graduate. Getting experience in the field (volunteering). And starting a string quartet to take the place of orchestras, so I’m still playing and don’t lose all the skills I’ve been developing for the last 20 years.

Having a flexible schedule is also important to me, because a flexible schedule is the only thing that’s keeping me writing right now. It’s the only thing that keeps me going out of town every few months. I like being able to say “I’m going out of town in two weeks” and no one can say, “Well, we need you here.”

Because they don’t. They can take a week off from violin lessons. It’s fine.

I love my flexible schedule. I love volunteering, especially since I’m learning so much about the field I want to go into. I like having free time in the middle of the day to write. Or read. Whatever I want to do. I like having an afternoon free for quartet rehearsal.

So the things I need to focus on are:

* School

* Quartet

* Volunteering

* Writing

* Keeping a flexible schedule.

Nothing else matters right now. Well, aside from family and friends and pugs and all that. But what I do for a job doesn’t matter right now as long as it pays the bills and keeps my schedule open. Teaching does that. So I should stop complaining and focus on what’s important.

Focus. I’ve never been very good at focusing. I can do it. Focusfocusfocus.

We just made a business card for our quartet. I’ve posted the picture we put on the card. It’s of Summit Lake on the Mt. Evans road not far from Denver, CO.


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