It has been a long time since I wrote anything. And I mean anything. I haven’t been working on my story. For the last 3 weeks or so, since school got out, I’ve done… I can’t even remember.

I feel like I’ve been doing absolutely nothing. I’ve gone on a few bike rides, a few walks. I’ve had a few doctor’s appointments. I’ve taught, complained about teaching, looked into other jobs I could do besides teaching. I’ve started studying to get a broker’s license in the hopes I can go into real estate, because I really like houses.

I’ve looked at countless houses online. My husband and I really want to move into a larger place and are trying to find a way to do it. Pay off credit cards, eat cheaper, don’t do anything fun. I know it’s good for us, and I know it’ll get us into a new place sooner, but it sucks.

I’ve been feeling pretty blah for a while. Too tired and unfocused to write. I haven’t been reading, either. Aside from the few things I mentioned above, I honestly can’t say how I’ve been spending the last few weeks, except that my husband and I watched our way through all 4 seasons of Game of Thrones during that time, and started re-watching the later seasons of Top Shot. TV is time-consuming.

I want to get back to writing soon. We’re going to Las Vegas in early July, and I keep thinking of that as some kind of turning point. Like once we go to Vegas and I have a nice vacation, I’ll be all full of energy and ready to get back to my life. I’ll be ready to write again, I’ll exercise more, I’ll start going on hikes. I don’t know if that’s true. Maybe I just have a massive hangover from school and I’m going to be tired for the next two months until I go back. I don’t know.

Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to our Vegas trip. And I’m excited to get back to writing, whenever that might happen. I need to find a way to not be distracted by nothing, by whatever it is I’ve been doing every day all these weeks.

Oh, I have been napping a lot. That takes up a lot of time.

But napping aside, there are still periods of time where I’m not really doing anything. It would be better to write, even if it’s total crap (like this post is), than to sit and do nothing. If I keep waiting until I feel like writing, I may never feel like it. My creative brain may just shrivel up and go back into hiding like it did a few years ago. I don’t want that to happen.


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