Writing for REAL


I haven’t posted much about writing lately. I’ve been so busy figuring out what to do that I haven’t had much time for writing anything.

As a quick update, we are for sure moving to Denver. We have an apartment now, and I have a job at a bookstore! I LOVE working at bookstores! Not the best pay in the world, but at least I’ll enjoy it, and I can keep teaching in my current town until I find some students in Denver.

Speaking of teaching, I’ve decided two things.

1. I don’t want to teach as much as I used to. I don’t know if I want to teach for the rest of my life or not, but I for sure don’t want 20 students.

2. I have to just keep doing it for now. I can’t change it until I work toward something else, some other way of making money. I just need to suck it up and do it.

Which brings me to my DECISION. I make a lot of “decisions” about my life that end up changing because I’m not really serious about them, but I don’t realize I’m not serious about them. I’d like to think that this one is a real decision, not a fake-out one.

I want to try writing for real. I want to make goals for my story, stick to them, be serious about it, and actually try to get it published. It’s been a pipe dream of mine to get something published since I was little. The only reason I keep trying other things instead is because I don’t think it’ll happen.

I have this bad gloom and doom feeling that no one would like my book and that I would have to self publish it to get it out there because no one would want it (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with self publishing and I may decide to do that, I just probably want to try the traditional route first), and then once it was published no one would want to read it!

I need to stop thinking like that. Partly because I need to just be more positive. I CAN DO IT! And partly because there are soooooo many books out there, and not all of them are good by far. I know that sounds terrible, but it’s true. So if they aren’t good, why did they get published? Because there’s an audience for them. Just because I don’t think they’re good, doesn’t mean a bunch of other people don’t.

So maybe there’s an audience out there for my style. Maybe I COULD get a book published and get people to read it. So I have to try, right? I would like to mention here that my fiction writing style is very different from my non-fiction. I’ve never liked the way my posts turn out on here, but this style of writing just isn’t really my thing. That’s my disclaimer if you’re sitting there reading this and thinking, how does this lady expect to publish anything if this is how she writes?

I’m going to set goals for my story. Long and short goals.

The short goal will be to write a certain number of days or hours per week. I’m going to set it at something like 5 hours a week to start, and just make myself do it. Two years ago, I was writing 5 hours a day, so the same amount per week should be doable even with everything else going on.

My long goals will be to finish my rewrite by the end of 2014, and to finish at least a rough draft of the whole story by next July. Obviously I know there will be snags, not only with the story but with my life in general. I’m having a baby in January. I haven’t forgotten that that may make writing impossible for a little while. But if I set the goals, I have a better chance of meeting them than if I don’t.

I’m going to write for at least an hour today before I head to work at the bookstore. Tomorrow I won’t have any time, but I’ll get back to it on Wednesday. I’m serious about this, people. I’m going to try to finish this thing and find someone who wants to read it. Wish me luck, I guess.


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