Goal Writing, Week 1


I’m done with my first week writing with a goal in mind! How did I do?


I thought it would be soooooo easy to write for 5 hours a week. I thought if I couldn’t do that I was just pathetic.

I wrote for 3 hours last week. 3.

Admittedly, I am working in a different town than I live in and am driving back and forth between them 5 times a week and am getting ready to move. This week may not be any easier since I’m actually moving on Thursday, but I’m still going to try to get my 5 hours. I’m aiming for at least 2 today because I have nothing else to do.

I guess it’s going to take some time to get back into it, but I really need to get on it if I’m going to finish my rewrite by New Years. I can do it.


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