Internet, and rewrite pg. 320! Or 340…

IMG_0276 2

I haven’t posted in almost a month. Why?

I’ve been moving, freaking out about moving, starting a new job, hating my new job, panicking because I raised student rates, stressing out about my schedule, worrying about money, and mostly… I just haven’t had internet.

It took a really long time to get our service turned on. There were problems with Dish and Century Link, then different problems with Century Link, and blah blah, but we FINALLY have internet.

I haven’t kept up with my goal of writing for 5 hours a week just because I’ve been too busy, but I have been writing some, and I’ve actually caught up on my rewrite! Meaning I finished re-reading what I previously rewrote, and have continued with the rewrite.

I think I’m on page 320… but it might be page 340. Without opening the document I’m not really sure, but it’s one of those. I’m in a hurry to finish dinner now so I can go for a walk before I get too tired, but I’ll check and update later. Maybe in a few days that number will be higher, anyway.

I’m glad to have my internet back, and I’m hoping all my problems will magically work out if I just give myself enough time to write. That works.

I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing. Hoping for some inspiration and motivation and some good tips.

Lastly, I miss fall. I’m done with summer. Can I have frosty lakes and dried grass again now?


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