Writing and Other Stuff

IMG_4128 2

I have been going through a lot of crapola lately. Job stuff and money stuff and a lot of crying…

I have some interviews for real jobs early next week. Like ones that might pay my bills without having to do another job at the same time. That would be swell.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to write in the last week or so, but I have been thinking about my story a lot. Especially last night.

I went to a showing of a film about Alaska at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. There was a part about Juneau. Since my story takes place there, it really made me want to both go back to Juneau and stay there, and get some work done on my story again. I might not have much time tomorrow since we’re going up to our old place to get some renovating done, but I WILL have time on Sunday, and I BETTER get something done. Where did my motivation go??

So not much to report other than I haven’t done anything productive except obsessively apply for jobs for the last week. Hopefully next time I write on here I will actually have some writing to write about.

I’ve used the above picture several times, but it’s the first picture I took of Juneau as we approached it on the boat. Omg I want to go back…


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