Rewrite pg. 326


Woohoo! I’ve finally made some progress!

I know that 6 pages in a month is not very good. At that rate, I will not finish the rewrite by the end of the year.

However, 6 pages in a week is a good start. Even though I’ve only progressed 6 pages in a month, all 6 of those happened this week. That’s something to build on.

Things are finally calming down. I’m out of my other job completely, we got our house sold, my husband started a new job so I have mornings completely by myself. I should be able to buckle down and get more done now.

I don’t know that aiming for 5 hours of writing a week will be very helpful since I tend to lose track of time when I write, but I may give myself some page goals.

There are 16 weeks left in this year. I have 375 pages left to rewrite, since the behemoth has grown to a massive 701 pages (keep in mind that that’s not even finished!) That means that I should be getting through about 24 pages a week in order to finish on time.

That’s a lot more than 6. However, I should have more time now. And more motivation, now that I’ve actually looked at the numbers. I’m going to make 24 pages a week my goal for now. Today I’m on page 326. By next Monday I want to be on page 350. I’ll aim for that goal and just see if I fall short, if it’s really hard to get that much writing done, if it feels like a struggle, or if it’s okay.

I’ve already written 2 pages today, both 100% new material. In fact, of those 6 pages that I wrote this week, almost all of it is completely new. That’s encouraging because rewriting takes a little less time than writing from scratch.

Even though I made some good progress today, it’s my day off. I have time out my ears. I’m going to take a break now to watch something stupid on tv, go get an oil change in my poor neglected car, then see if I can get through another 3-5 pages later today. Goal!


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