Goal Writing, Week… 2?

IMG_4432 2

I’m trying another week of writing a specific amount. Since I haven’t written a word in two weeks.

I’m not changing my goal of 24 pages a week (even though I probably should to make up for the 48 pages I missed in the last two weeks), but I thought that adding another goal would help me reach that goal. Like a sub-goal within the larger goal.

I’m going to aim for 24 pages by next Monday (so I need to be at page 365 by then), but I’m going to say I have to write for at least one hour every day this week. That is my sub-goal.

The reason I think that will help is because 1) I can get a lot done in an hour, and 2) on the days when I have more time, sometimes I don’t write because I just don’t get my brain into it. If I start writing and write for an hour, there’s a good chance I’ll just keep on going and write for three or four hours and get a lot done.

I may or may not have much time today. I am in contact with two customers of my husband’s shop who may want to meet me in the town up north this afternoon, but I don’t know yet. I probably won’t know for a while since it’s 6am and I’m guessing they won’t be doing a lot of texting or emailing at this time of day. But I am, so who knows.

Anyway, I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow, Friday, and Sunday to write. Those are the days I can get a lot done if I just get going. I can at least make my hour today, maybe more. Wednesday and Thursday are my evil, super busy days where I’m out of town all day. I’m going to aim for an hour in the morning, but if I get really tired and have to go back to sleep either of those mornings (because pregnant ladies need to do that sometimes, apparently), that might not happen. Since I get home at 9pm those days, and am definitely NOT a night owl, I’m not going to get anything done in the evening, either.

I have my handy Chromebook that I haven’t used since I got out of school in May. I don’t know where the charger is, but if I can find that there’s a good chance I can figure out how to work on my document offline on that. If I can, I can write in my spare time while I’m out of town on Wednesday and Thursday. I think I need a sub-sub-goal of finding my charger before Wednesday.

It is FINALLY feeling like Fall in this state. Finally. It’s only almost October, in a mountain state, near the foothills…. the fact that it was 90 two days ago made me want to move to a higher elevation. Or to one of those cold ocean states, like Alaska or Oregon.

My husband and I are loving the cooler weather. We went to the IKEA in the south metro area yesterday to get our baby furniture, and we were those crazy people driving down the freeway with the windows open while it was windy and raining. It made me so happy. My feet still swell up like sausages every afternoon (because I’m in that sausagey part of pregnancy now), but my fingers definitely swell less when I’m not hot. On days like these, I can postpone my walk until 8am instead of leaving at 6:30 to beat the nasty, evil, boiling sunshine. Cooler weather is just better.

To celebrate the coming of Fall, I’ve posted one of my many, many snowy pictures above. I know it’s not snowy yet. I will post more fally pictures the next few times, I’ve just been waiting for cooler weather for so long! This picture is from Glacier Bay in Alaska. I want to go back there.


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