Rewrite pg. 354 and Violin


I have finally written a little bit! It’s only 13 pages in the last two weeks, but it feels like a good amount of progress because I basically had to fully reconstruct those 13 pages.

The dialogue was run-on and overly descriptive and read like narrative. I reorganized a few conversations to happen at different parts of the story from where they were before. I cut a ton, but somehow ended up extending the overall story by a page. That hasn’t happened in a while! It’s still under 700 pages, though. That’s where I’m hoping to keep it if possible, since I still have part 4 to write, but of course I will do what’s best for the story.

I don’t know if I will finish the rewrite by the end of this year. It’s seeming impossible right now, considering how busy I’ve been getting other things done. I’ve decided not to beat myself up over it, though. Yes, I want to write. Yes, I want to finish the behemoth. But I can’t put the other parts of my life on hold while I do it. I still have to make money and clean the house and try to enjoy Halloween and all of that. I still have a baby coming in 14 weeks, and I want to make sure everything else in my life is as well organized as possible before he comes.

I’ve been playing violin more lately. I’ve played in a couple of concerts over the last month, and have been doing a decent amount of practicing on my own. I always thought the baby would like the music, like he would kick when he heard it or do something. He kicks like crazy all the time, but just absolutely NOTHING when I play violin. Nothing when I’m in orchestra. Nothing. Like he doesn’t care.

Being the son of two violinists, that’s interesting. Maybe it soothes him, though, and he gets relaxed and chills out in there. I’m going to think that for now. I guess him not freaking out when he hears me play will be a really good thing once he’s born and I have him in my violin lessons.

I’ve been trying to get work as a violin teacher. It’s the first time I’ve applied for jobs that require me to attach a resume that I am actually qualified for. I have a separate violin resume that I’ve been using for these jobs, because these people don’t care that I worked at Barnes and Noble for two months or a movie theater when I was sixteen. They care about my degrees, who I studied with, where I’ve played, and how much teaching experience I have. The things I’ve always focused on while letting other stuff go. It’s so nice that those things matter now.

It’s a little scary, though. I haven’t kept up playing as a soloist. I’ve practiced the music, but I haven’t organized any recitals or anything like that. I haven’t performed solo for anyone since my orchestra auditions in 2010. Applying for these jobs and having people ask me to include recordings in my application are motivating me to get a little more serious about my playing again. Maybe I should learn a full solo piece, not just parts of a movement. Maybe I should find a pianist and work on something so I can have a recent recording. I don’t know if I’m up for putting on a recital any time soon, but having a recording of me now would be nice.

I’m hoping things are finally starting to settle down for us in our new city. We’ve been busy and stressed. I want to set aside a good amount of time each day for writing and practicing, while still having time to clean, walk, take care of the dogs, and spend time with my husband. Oh, and work. If we can work out work stuff, we both might be able to get back to doing the things we like. Wouldn’t that be nice.

In other news, can it be fall now? Enough of this 75 degrees in October nonsense, Colorado. Knock it off. Give me 50s and cloudy and windy and chilly. Turn the grass brown. Knock the pretty yellow leaves off the trees. Please?


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