Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. I’ve been sick… for a week.

I don’t get sick very often. When I do, I chug a bunch of orange juice, take some Emergen-C, eat cough drops like they’re trail mix, sleep a lot for two days, and then feel better.

Apparently it doesn’t work that way when you’re pregnant.

This time around I’ve been chugging orange juice, taking the recommended dosage of cough drops (which is 1 every 2 hours!!!!), taking cough medicine that was approved by my midwife (again, only the recommended dosage), drinking ginger tea with lemon and honey, and have been sleeping pretty much all day every day for a week. A WEEK.

Am I better? NO!

It isn’t the feeling crappy that’s bothering me. I can deal with feeling crappy. I can still get out and do stuff, get to the store, run errands. Yes, I use feeling crappy as an excuse not to go to work, since work is an hour and a half north, but I can still DO stuff.

It’s the cough. The dry, hacking cough that doesn’t stop. I have to ingest something at every point of every day to prevent coughing non-stop. Water, tea, orange juice, cough drops, cough medicine, hot water with honey, Gatorade, whatever. If something is going down my throat, I’m less likely to cough.

The problem is that after a while I get too full to keep chugging liquids. I have to stop, and then I start hacking. At night, too. It’s a little hard to drink water while I’m sleeping, so I just wake up and cough until I think I’m going to puke.

I’ve been coughing so much and so hard that I have a stabbing pain in the right side of my lower abdomen. Every time I cough, I feel like the baby is going to punch his way out through my belly from the pressure. I’m an adult and I know that’s not how it works, but I seriously worry about that every single time because the pain in my abdomen  is so bad.

And there’s something kind of embarrassing that happens during pregnancy that has been happening all week. When I cough too much, I pee a little. Even if I’ve just been to the bathroom. I’ve learned to laugh at this particular problem. It makes it easier that my husband thinks it’s hilarious. And getting upset about it would just make the whole thing worse. I’m an adult woman peeing my pants 5 times a day. I can laugh about that.

Needless to say, I haven’t written a word this week. I’ve been sleeping. This is the first time I’ve sat at my computer since I don’t know when. I don’t know if I’m going to have the mental energy to write at all today, but I’m going to try. Just because I can’t stand sleeping or watching TV anymore. If I go back into that bedroom, I might go insane.

On another subject, I found out last week that my husband gets Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday off from his new job. I do, too, so we’re going out of town! VACATION. I barely remember what a vacation is. We’re leaving as soon as he gets off work Wednesday evening and driving to Las Vegas. We won’t get there Wednesday night, so we’ll spend the night somewhere on the road and drive the rest of the way Thursday morning. Hang out with my husband’s family for a few days, then drive back on Sunday.

It’ll be a tighter road trip than we’re used to. Normally we have 5 full days instead of 4 1/2, but anything will be nice at this point. I cannot wait to get out of town, to get away from my work, to forget about students and scheduling and commuting (which is driving me insane), and just do nothing but eat, sleep, and write for a few days. Away from my dogs. In a place where I don’t have to clean. Bliss.

In honor of our vacation, I’ve posted a picture of Lake Las Vegas that I took a few years ago. It’s not of the lake, just of that area. It’s right by where we stay when we go there.


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