Rant About Computers


Okay, here I go. Rant time.

I’m not good with computers. I know that. I don’t have any delusions that my problems are all the fault of the computers I’m using and not my fault at all. But still…. I CAN MAKE MY COMPUTER WORK. With little to no effort. But I can’t even open a damn document on our other computers.


I tried to write on my Chromebook yesterday. At first I couldn’t figure out why it would open most of my documents but not the behemoth. I thought it was because it was long, since when I tried 4 times to upload the behemoth to Google Drive, it consistently uploaded 33 pages… out of 700. Not very helpful.

So I thought it was just Google Docs being as screwy and non-functional as Google Drive. I finally figured out that Google Docs just doesn’t like files saved as .doc. They like .docx. So in order to open the behemoth on my Chromebook, I’m just going to have to convert it to a .docx. Not something I can do on this vacation, so I can’t use that computer.

My husband’s Lenovo PC:

This piece of crap… I’m using it to write this rant. Kind of funny. But this piece of crap hardly seems to function at all.

It is BRAND NEW. As in, he got it in October. I should be able to plug in a stick and open a Word document IN WORD and have it work, right? At least, it seems that way to me. Word, Word document… those two things should be compatible.

Apparently I’m only allowed to LOOK at my damn document on this damn computer. I’m not allowed to edit my own damn document. So I tried downloading Open Office instead since Microsoft Word always pulls this kind of crapola on me. I’ve had problems with that program as long as I can remember.

Well, Open Office isn’t doing any better on this thing. It’s like the laptop thinks it’s being used for top-secret work with the Pentagon or something. It won’t just OPEN A DOCUMENT. I downloaded Open Office, got it all set on the computer, then tried to open my document, and….. “OPEN OFFICE IS NOT FUNCTIONING… REPORT ERROR TO MICROSOFT.”

First of all, why would I report that to Microsoft? Open Office has nothing to do with Microsoft. Second… JUST OPEN THE DAMN DOCUMENT. PLEASE JUST OPEN THE DOCUMENT. YOU’RE A COMPUTER. I HAVE THE PROPER PROGRAM. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.

I realize I’m kind of an idiot with computers, but seriously. When I bought my Mac, I plugged it in, downloaded Open Office, and was writing within three damn minutes. And these two laptops just can’t freaking figure out how to function.

Pieces of garbage. That’s what I’m calling them now. There’s probably some magic button that I need to push that I just don’t know I need to push, but there shouldn’t be a damn magic button just to open a stupid freaking document. It’s a DOCUMENT. You type and it saves. Not rocket science.

Even though I love vacation, I cannot wait to get home to my computer that just works the way it’s supposed to. I want to write, damn it. Rant over.


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