Rewrite pg. 407


I’m still making progress on the rewrite, and it’s really nice. Most of this progress happened before Friday. My weekend was kind of crazy and terrible and tiring and stressful, so I haven’t written since then. I’m about to buckle down and get some more done, though.

My goal for this week (even though I’m hesitant to say anything about goals because apparently they scare me off) is to get to page 420. That shouldn’t be too hard. That’s not as many pages as I did this week, and I wasn’t even really trying.

The bout of mental energy that I had last week is fading a little, in part because of my terrible weekend, but I’m hoping I have enough left to keep writing. After all, it’s just rewriting stuff that’s already there. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I will have to go back and edit it eight times anyway, so the important thing for now is just to get the content down.

On another note, after two excruciatingly painful and stressful drives to the town up north over last weekend, I’ve decided that I’m not teaching up there anymore until after the baby comes. So I guess I’m kind of on maternity leave now. Partial maternity leave, since I’m still teaching in Denver.

My due date is now two weeks away! I’m getting excited. It’s going to change everything about my life, and I have no idea how yet. Guess we’ll see.

It’s a chilly day, and my ears are still cold from my walk, even though I got back about twenty minutes ago, so I thought I’d post a chilly picture. This one was taken at the top of Pikes Peak when it was 10 degrees and completely socked in with fog. It’s not nearly that cold here, but I like the picture. That was a fun trip.


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