Rewrite, pg. 498


I feel like my blog has turned into a writing diary. Sorry if that’s as boring for you as it is for me, but I think that’s what I need right now. Just a way to track my progress. It’s too much effort trying to think of other things to write about. I have a lot of conversations in my head with some invisible person, all of them about writing style and mechanisms. I love my fake conversations, but I don’t have the energy to translate those into a post. Sorry.

I’m making good progress on my book now, mainly because I’ve just been making myself write every morning while the baby takes his morning nap. “Morning nap” meaning that I’ve woken up for the day, but he still needs a few more hours of sleep. He’s awake now, staring at me with his finger in his mouth because he’s turning into a thumbsucker. It’s pretty cute.

I got through 4 more pages of my book while he was sleeping. My goal page number for April is 508. I’m on 498, which feels amazing. I’m so close to the goal. I have more time to write today, and I’ll probably be able to get at least a little bit done tomorrow. I may not quite make my 50-page goal, but I’ll be so close. I’m already at 40. I only got through about 35 in March, so I’m doing better.

I guess that’s what I have to keep in mind. I’m making progress and doing better each month. If I don’t quite make 50 pages this month, I’m pretty positive that I will next month. If I keep writing every morning, I’ll probably exceed 50 pages. If I exceed 50 pages a month, I can finish this rewrite before the end of July, which would feel great. I’m trying to do things right now that make me feel good about myself, because I’ve been a little down in the dumps. Getting even this close to my writing goals is helping.

The baby is now sucking on his thumb, smiling at me and making gurgling sounds. With that kind of distraction, there’s no way I can write anything more interesting than, “I’ve written 40 pages this month. Go me.”

So sorry this isn’t a more riveting read. Have a good day.

Oh, and I don’t like this new WordPress format because I can’t figure out how to delete tags. For some reason, WordPress saw fit to replace my tag of “book” with “books,” and I accidentally clicked on “archery” and can’t get rid of it. Obviously, this post isn’t about archery.


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