June Progress


This is a picture from the scariest hike of my life. My husband and I were volunteering for a wildlife survey and hiked up into the mountains in the fall. It started raining (with lightning), so we had to get down fast. We ended up sliding down the mountain on our butts. I thought I was going to lose control and fall. It was a 10-mile hike so I was exhausted, trying to run so we didn’t get fried. That was two years ago and I honestly haven’t hiked since.

I’ll just cut to the chase and say that in June I didn’t lose a pound and I wrote 19 pages. Woohoo!

Not my best month for my goals.

It was really busy, though. My husband and I are working on wrapping up work for his business so we can turn it over to a new owner. We’re trying to sell/donate/trash 75% of what we own so we can move from our 1100 sq ft apartment into a 400 sq ft place (we’re ready for a lifestyle change.) I’ve been dealing with getting the new place, getting our taxes done since we got an extension this year, coordinating how to work in Denver and Vegas so I can make more money, plus the usual teaching and taking care of the baby.

Monday I helped my father-in-law pack up a bunch of stuff to move out of town. Moving sucks, but moving other people’s stuff is worse because I was afraid to pack stuff wrong and didn’t know what he was taking or leaving, etc. It makes me glad to think my husband and I are downsizing majorly now, so that if we end up moving to Vegas, it’ll be a lot easier. Especially if we have to move fast. Which I’m hoping for.

I’ve also started reading again for real and have been OBSESSED with kids fantasy book series. I can’t stop reading Percy Jackson. I sit down to write and two hours later I’m like, “Oh, crap, I’m reading, not writing.” Oops. Reading is important, too, but if I’m only going to do one or the other, I’d rather write.

I’m into the end of my rewrite now, the part that needs the most work. Everything I wrote last month was completely new material that just incorporated the ideas that were already there. Because I need to keep the old stuff around while I write the new to make sure I fit in all the important points, I haven’t been deleting as I go. So at the start of June, I had 100 pages left. Now I have 120 pages left. It’s discouraging, even though I know it’s not accurate. Once I get to a point where I can just zap the old stuff into oblivion, it’ll hopefully put me back where I think I should be. If not… this thing will be even longer.

Despite my bad month, I still want to finish the rewrite by the end of July. I don’t want to cut myself any slack, because I feel like if I give myself an extra month to finish the rewrite, then I’ll give myself an extra month to finish the story, which will turn into two extra months, which will turn into completely abandoning my goal and dragging the whole thing out even longer.

I want to FINISH. I know I can do it. I don’t doubt my ability to finish the story in 6 months, it’s just having the discipline to sit my butt down at the computer to do it. Opening my own document before I open iBooks so I don’t just read for hours without getting anything done. Starting at 6 every morning even when I’m tired because it’s harder to write once the baby wakes up.

I don’t want to write another post like this at the end of July. I want to be able to say I finished the rewrite. I’m ready to move on to the next part of my story. I’ve been planning it for years. Time to do it, already.

I’ve also started to seriously think about titles for this thing. I stink with titles. How do you other writers think of titles for your work?


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