From a stinky hot spring in Yellowstone.

From a stinky hot spring in Yellowstone.

So, I recently decided that once I’m done with my current book and all of its craziness, I want to try my hand at science fiction. I’ve written a boatload of fantasy and a good amount of horror, but no sci-fi. I love the limited science fiction that I’ve watched and read, but I have no insight into the usual themes/devices/concepts, etc that are popular in the genre. So I’m making an effort to watch and read more so I can learn more about it.

From the “research” I’ve done online, I’ve learned there are quite a few sub-genres of sci-fi. I am most interested in stuff involving extraterrestrials (and as little accurate science as possible since I’m not very smart when it comes to science), but I’m interested in anything right now since a lot of the basic concepts are similar throughout each sub-genre. As… far as I can tell, anyway. Like I said, I don’t really know much about it. I don’t know what makes good sci-fi good. I don’t know what’s important in the genre.

So, anyone have any recommendations on good science fiction books/shows/movies? I’ve just started watching the X-Files. I’m in no way saying that it’s good sci-fi (in case it’s not and it makes me sound dumb), but I know about it and I like the actors, so I’m giving it a go. I’m one episode in and like it so far.

If there are any big sci-fi junkies out there, what do you like? What is classic science fiction that I should be consuming if I want to learn more about the genre? Or am I over-thinking this and I just need to start watching and reading some to find what I like and not worry about what’s “right?”


2 responses to “Sci-Fi

  1. Oh you should definitely not worry about what’s right. The beauty of science fiction is that the less you know the more you know! The future is the most unpredictable of things after all.

    Side note: I did base most of my life on the movie ‘Mr. Nobody’ (2009). Though I’m not sure if that could really be classified as sci-fi, since only some of it happens in the future.

    Either way, hope you enjoy whatever you do 🙂 Cheers

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