In the mountains somewhere. Rollins Pass in Colorado, I'm pretty sure.

In the mountains somewhere. Rollins Pass in Colorado, I’m pretty sure.

We had a lot going on in August. Still trying to move to Vegas. I spent almost 3 weeks there, playing in a show. We moved out of our apartment into a temporary situation. We also moved out of our commercial space. Which was kind of a nightmare day. We sold stuff on Craigslist and made almost $1,000. I decided I probably need to get a laptop since our temporary housing situation runs off of solar-charged batteries and having the computer plugged into the wall may not be the smartest thing while writing. Since, you know, the power might just shut off at any minute.

Regardless of everything going on, I managed to write 69 pages in August. Not bad. I feel like part 4 of the behemoth is coming along nicely. I’m liking the new material even though I know some of it will have to change. The first 5 chapters of part 4 cover one day, which worries me a little considering that I have to get through another 6 months in the story, but I can make it work. The thing is now somewhere around 740 pages. With a lot of story left to get through. Holy. Moly.

There is a chance our move to Vegas might happen this month. My husband’s union decides if they’ll approve his transfer on September 16. If they do, we move… we have no idea when. But hopefully soon! At least we’ll have some news soon. 9 days. Woo!



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