12/13/11 – 11/22/15

IMG_4128 2

I finished my first book today. I’m not an emotional or sentimental person, but I’ll admit that that had a pretty strong effect on me. This is something I’ve been working toward since I was 10 years old.

It still doesn’t have a title. It’s super long. Probably too long to even be considered by an agent or publisher. I might need to break it into multiple books even though that’s not ideal. But it’s done.

It took just under 4 years. If I’d had it planned out ahead of time, like I have so many of my other stories planned, it probably would have taken half that. But so many things got in the way, and I guess that’s life. I’m just glad to have finished it. Finally.

I’m starting a week-long edit today or tomorrow, just to make sure there are no obvious, wonky mistakes, then I send it to my friend, Raine, and my husband. They’ll both read it and give me comments, which I’ll use for the next edit/rewrite. It’ll still be a long process, but step 1 is done and I’m really proud of myself for getting to this point. It’s scary and exciting.

Aside from that, I’ve been getting a lot of work in Vegas. We found a new RV park that we like. It’s cheap and close to everything, both good things. The baby is standing and has started imitating us, which is really cute. I’m on track with my new weight loss goals.

So things are good right now. I’m looking forward to a nice holiday season this year.


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